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Terrain Corner


At our recent outing to the WMMS show we were asked loads of questions about our terrain (especially the teddy bear fur grass). So we have decided to put this page onto the site and update it with each terrain project. 

We have a resident terrain genius in the club, Alan Sheward. Give him an old pair of curtains and he'll come back with the battlefield at Agincourt! 

Teddy Bear Fur

The main questions from this years show was how did he do the teddy bear fur grass. The grass effect he created was stunning as you can see in the picture below.

Teddy Bear Fur terrain

The fur arrives in pong sheets (see details below) and the first job is to trim the fur to the desired height. You can use scissors but Alan recommends you buy some hair clippers. A cheap set from Argos is only 16 and your fingers will love you for it!

You can shave the fur quite roughly as any little uneven tufts you leave add to the effect of uneven ground.

Once trimmed, you need to spray paint the fur

Al used emulsion paints from the DIY store. It's cheaper that hobby acrylic paints. Don't try to use an oil based paints as you'll just get a clumpy mess

On the main areas, Alan used two colours. A mid to light green and then a sand colour to pick out the detail

When you have finished painting, you can comb out the excess paint.

You can leave the fur as a sheet, which we have done for the ECW game you see in the picture above or you can fix them to boards and carve out more details. See our RCW game for examples of this.

The great thing with the sheets is they are practically indestructible. They do not crease when folded and are easy to store

Here is where we got the terrain from

Fur Fabrics & Crafts
1098 Coventry Road
Hay Mills
B25 8DT
Tel:0121 772 5139

Fur is called Wolf and comes 1.5 metre wide and costs 11 - 12 per linear metre.



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